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Dreams #1 ~ Bungee Jumping Never Again 29 October 08

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My dreams and nightmares are usually quite vivid. I used to jot them down in a notebook on my bedside table. I used to try and make sense of my dreams; the symbols, the intensity, colours, places.

I will start with my all-time favourite one, which I have posted in an older version of my blog. When I posted it first, I didn’t label or tag it with “dream” or “nightmare” so it began and continued like a true story, and ended just like how it felt in my dream: VERY REAL and SHOCKING and SCARY! The blog is long gone but I kept the post, so here it goes. An apology for the repeat goes to those who have read it before. If you already have read the bungee nightmare, skip this post, I have a brandspanking new one coming up now in a minute.

It was a coldest of cold, darkest of dark nights…

No, actually, it didn’t start like that.

Like everyone else on the planet I also have a life-to-do list, which was about down to 109 items before I decided to do bungee jumping.

I always wanted to do it but I had romantic ideals like jumping off that bridge in New Zealand that I have heard so much about. Saw the pictures, too. At sun-rise… The old bridge… Beauty of the place, the scenery above and below, and me being-shit scared would co-contribute to the adrenalin and constant out-of-breath feeling associated with the tightened chest syndrome.

Alas, the bridge fantasy was not to be, and instead I had to make do with bungee jumping from this tall building, during our holiday travels last year. It was totally cool architecture though, the top floor where you jump from was much wider than the rest of the building, and they somehow managed to pad the next 10 floors down along the strip maybe 10 meters wide all the way from where you jump. I suppose they did that so if someone did something silly and walked out instead of jumping and crashed into the side of the building they would be unharmed.

Anyways, Niall was going to meet me there at 5:00pm, he was getting some trip photos printed. 5:30 was my slot for the jump. He was going to watch me from the ground looking up and cheer for me, maybe take a photo or two even. At 5pm it started to get dark and I was up top on the roof with the people getting ready to jump before me listening to the instructions. There was a section where you can lay flat on the floor and look down. I was watching them from there. The next one, this older guy jumped and he made a mess of the jump bouncing off the padded area few times. The sounds he made went from manic laughter to screaming senseless “Wooooooooooooooooooo!” and I thought OK that can’t be bad.

Time was now near, and I couldn’t make out because of the dark if Niall was there or not. I was going to get up and go downstairs to find him. I felt the need for a good luck kiss.

Suddenly, someone grabbed my foot, it was one of the girls working there. We were joking around a little earlier. She started to pull-push my foot, pointing to her other bimbo friend and laughing. I was right on the edge flat on my tummy, my head hanging off the side seeing the ground. It felt like a million storeys high, people looking like ants down below. I couldn’t believe this was happening. I was compelled to just kick the crap out of her but politely asked if she could please let go? “I won’t jump if you do that, and I will put a complaint through to your boss.” I was let go, but not before being called a “wuss”. Fine, I can live with being a wuss. How unprofessional and dangerous!

Once downstairs, I saw Niall running towards me and it was already 5:30. I had to go back up now. He apologised for taking so long and asked if I were excited or nervous. What was the point of an evening jump? Well the city lights were brilliant and it was all booked out anyway except for this time slot. I quickly told him about the stupid girls up top and what they did. Niall fumbled with his keyring and gave me his good luck charm for the jump. He admitted he was never ever never ever never going to do it. Was too scary. The word “wuss” was still in my head from my previous surreal experience but I didn’t see it fit to use it like that on him. I would rather hassle him later, after I have done it. He gave me a kiss, patted me on the back encouraging, gently guiding me to the mission ahead.

I went back up and to my disappointment I found out I lost my spot, due to tight schedule. There were still 10 more people waiting to jump including me. This guy who took my place was getting ready. I would have been upset if he hadn’t been as gorgeous. I put my arm around a pillar near the edge and admired this dangerously handsome, tall, fit stranger. In the mean time they got him ready, tied the towel around his ankles, checked the harness. He stepped to the edge, turned around and said in my direction “here we go!” Where was his accent from? I smiled at him and maybe felt a little guilty, so turned to look down to see Niall. I also wondered if this was being taped at all, I haven’t noticed spotlights or camera. How was I going to convince anyone that I actually did this? I was suddenly not sure if this was such a good idea. No bridge, no river, no sun-rise, no videos, was my first time going to be so very nothing special?

Lost in thought and little nervous I caught the sight of the guy jumping, brilliant form, he must have done it before. Maybe this is what he does, travel and do dangerous things, climb mountains, kayak in wild rivers. I think this was going to be my first and last. I watched him fall and fall and fall, and fall… and fall… Until he hit the ground with a sickening thud, reduced to an instant pile of flesh and bones. That was supposed to be me!

I woke up gasping for air, as if I was underwater unable to breathe for longer than my lungs could handle and took a long loud breath. “Nhhhhhaaaagh!” Then I listened to my heartbeat thumping like a mad thing for the next, I kid you not, a good 10 minutes.

Oh and yes, I remembered to thank Niall for saving my life. He mumbled a welcome and rolled over into an instant sleep. I laid there, wide awake, for a long time.

What’s up with all these weird dreams and how vivid can they get?



1. Megan - 29 October 08

Oh goodness me. Do you allow profanity in your comments? Because that is a *expletive deleted* scary dream!!

2. Gaye - 29 October 08

I believe in use of profanity as needed. In this case, even bucket loads of profanity is not enough to describe how it felt during and even after I woke up.

3. Baino - 29 October 08

Where the hell do these things come from. Last night I dreamed I murdered the woman across the road (well not personally but I arranged it and I don’t even know her) because I wanted her kitchen rennovator to come and rennovate my house . . he did but I had to get a friend to hide her body somewhere in her house . .I think it’s beginning to pong about now! I like the idea of the notepad but then I just go psychotic trying to work out what it all means. I dream a lot about dropping babies (nope never done it) and driving along precipitous ocean cliffs in small open top cars ill equipped for the rugged terrain . .ah hang on that’s me . .ill equipped for rugged terrain. Better stop now or your commenters will run away from the psychotic Baino lady.

4. Gaye - 30 October 08

Wow, yours sounds like mine, fully scripted with a scenario that could win loads of awards in Sundance Festival!

My commenters never run away from that which is not within the boundaries of the “normal”. My non-commenters and non-visitors do.



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