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Photography #1 ~ Random Blast 26 October 08

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My Life in Ireland

Life revolved around the pub next door, Crosaire and my Macbook.

Some days I felt my soul was being sucked into cyberspace.

No way, I hear you say.

I have evidence for you:

Snow in Ireland

Visited Niall’s friend in Kiltimagh, Co. Mayo.

Snow in Ireland was so pretty,

though it lasted only half a day.

Here is the view from Trevor’s front door.

Gaudium De Gaea

My blog goes back a couple of years.

Poor thing has been discarded then resurrected a few times.

I named my very first blog G-Spot. ♣

I thought I was being cheeky and original.

Guess the search strings that brought guests to my blog! ♣♣

Photo of an October 2007 post from an old version of De Gaea.

Took it at a lovely park in Rathmines, Dublin:

And here is the actual photo embedded in that post.

I took it @ Airfield Farm and Gardens in Dundrum, Dublin:

And here is an old favourite taken @ Smith’s In Ranelagh, Ireland.

The beer face G!

Photos taken by CPC – crappy phone camera

♣ and ♣♣ Schnitz! What have I done? This post is now guaranteed to get hits from the loyal followers and the hopeless seekers of the “G-Spot”.



1. Baino - 27 October 08

Love the snowy driveway (although I remember it from your past photos). Looks like a Christmas card. You lived next door to a pub! Now I wouldn’t mind that!

2. Gaye - 27 October 08

Yup these are all old photos from last year, hence random blast (from the past hehe).
No you would mind it if it was all you did, gets really boring after a while.

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