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Photography #2 ~ Ireland 26 October 08

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Fleeting Snow Pretty in Beautiful Ireland

My last post inspired me to post a series of Ireland photos from last year.
All taken by CPC as seen in photo#3 below.
It all started like this:

Had a great driver, Niall:

And a wonderful co-pilot, moi
taking photos with my CPC:

Got a bit dark and gloomy:

But then the afternoon sun came out:

Snow looks extremely pretty on beautiful Eire:

This sums up a weekend spent on the way to and from Galway.
(all photos taken by Crappy Phone Camera)


1. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 26 October 08

The year and a half that I lived in Dublin was one of those rare times that it snowed. It was awesome and needless to say the first thing I did, after discovering that driving in snow with summer tyres was a bad idea… was to build a snowman! I love the way snow makes a place look – so clean and pure – and there’s that wonderful silence that goes with it. Gorgeous!
Nice pics for a crappy camera phone! 😉

2. Gaye - 26 October 08

I don’t think it snowed in Dublin, I can’t remember but it did on the way to Galway and around the little town called Kiltimagh on one weekend we went there.
You are absolutely right about the clean and pure feeling and fun memories snow evokes.
About the crappy camera phone, I always had Sony Ericsson phones and I must admit the last two phones have good cameras to the point that they are better than my crappy Kodak digital camera. They are pretty sub-standard, when I think of how the photos would actually come out had I used a better camera.

3. Baino - 27 October 08

Not bad for a phone camera . . oh so cold and wet though. I remember snow or should I say slush. My romantic memory has it looking all Christmassy even though it snowed in January but my ‘real’ memory knows it was wet and slippy and slidey and thoroughly miserable.

4. Gaye - 27 October 08

I love snow Ms Baino. I don’t mind the cold, I don’t mind the wet, I don’t mind fingertips getting tingly and itchy when gloves get wet with snow.

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