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Photography #0 ~ Project 24 October 08

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It has been on my to-do list for a lifetime. As soon as I get compulsory expenses out of the way and hopefully save some dollars, I will get a nice camera and take a short crash-course on photography to get my photography career started.

No more trying to squeeze amazing views into a tiny mobile phone. No more wondering if my crappy little digital camera will decide to work today. I want to take photographs, real ones. The one below, I took with my crappy digital camera, which I will refer to as CDC from now on, could have been much better if I had a better camera:


Lake Parramatta Reserve 2008 ~ Sydney

My father used to have a powerful manual camera, at the time it was top of the line, one of those professional-photography-only cameras. He had different lenses and he used to take magnificent photos, which then got put into slides. He had boxes and boxes of slides, which I believe are in the downstairs spare room in my parent’s house still, safely tucked away – I hope. Life took this hobby out of his hands. Let me rephrase that, he let life get in the way of this wonderful hobby of his. Work took precedence and sitting in front of the television became his thing after a long day of business hassles. That’s a shame. I hope he gets back into it one day, and remember the fun he had taking the photos, working on them, making them into slides, and the fun we had sitting on the big couch waiting excitedly, as he clicked the slides away.

There are blogs I visit, with photographs that blow my mind and inspire me. Should I win any awards with my photographs one day *chuckle*, I know who to dedicate my award to!



1. Jeff Lynch - 24 October 08

Very nice image! Take a look at the Canon G9 (used) or G10. For about $500 (USD) you can capture some incredible images in Raw or JPEG.

Keep shooting!

Jeff Lynch
Sugar Land, TX

2. Baino - 24 October 08

Wow if you took that with a phone it’s pretty good. I bought a Canon EOS 400D and love it but I’m just a hack. AV is really coming on lately and has some gorgeous stuff. I still need to work on ISO and other manual settings but the auto settings are pretty good. Add a decent zoom and a cooperative subject and you’re home and hosed! Just one small thing . . .when are you going to have time for photography pray tell?

3. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 24 October 08

I do so hope you get into photography, Gaye. I started years and years ago (at art school) with a Nikon FE, four lenses, macro filters etc etc. Then photography became just too expensive and what to do with all those boxes and boxes of photos… Digital (and yet another Nikon) has been a total joy for me. My interest, I find, lies less in the technical and far more in the composition, texture and colour/lighting of a shot. D, on the other hand, focuses totally on the technical – while I am quite happy to rely, for the most part, on auto settings. And there’s good money to be made too – I’ve sold a few shots and it usually works out more lucrative than writing!
But… I echo Baino, erm, just when are you going to have time for photography? 🙂 Do so hope you make the time, because it’s an awesome thing to do! xxx

4. gaye - 24 October 08

Hi Jeff,
Welcome and thank you for the comment and advice. I just googled your name and texas, and found your blog! That bridge picture is amazing and I especially loved the bird photo with that technique you wrote about. I can’t believe something like that can be done just with the camera!!!! Magic! I will come back and visit more!

Baino dearest,
Actually the photo was taken with my CDC, the phone camera is better. I can look at a river, mountain, street lamp, a child, a flower, my shoes, and I can see amazing photo opportunities. Then I take my crappy camera and I am always so unimpressed with the results. If I have a good camera, I believe I can do it much better.
Time? Ahhh, well, I have to pay off stuff first anyway so time issue will sort itself out eventually. Now, If only I can manage not to get myself into more work and study committments continuously!
I love the photos you take Miss!

AV bebek,
Thank you for the encouragement, I hope I will sooner than later. I miss so many opportunities a day for wonderful shots, because I don’t have a camera and I am not really wanting to flash my mobile phone camera to take photos, it looks soo stoooopid.
Your photos are also a source of inspiration to me.
I feel I should go back to Photoshop and learn all the new stuff, I used to use it lots in the past but I haven’t been for so long. The way you play with your photos, the twirls, spheres, balls, flowers, just brilliant!

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