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Happenings #2 22 October 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Happenings.
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I was driving home from work few nights ago, I saw the most magical moon ever; almost full and dreamy drifting in and out of the clouds; felt mysterious and in love immediately.

It’s raining today and my towels are outside getting washed… again. Oh well.

Yesterday I had the second part of the day off.

Yesterday afternoon I actually went and saw a movie, like a lot of normal people do; it was an eerily unfamiliar but nice feeling.

Last night I made a delicious dinner and amazed myself with my superior cooking skills; you’d think I’d be used to making d-vine food by now.

Today I have first part of the day off; a visit to the yoga class might or might not happen.

Update: Surprise! The yoga class didn’t happen. Heading off to work…



1. Baino - 22 October 08

Half you’re luck, I’m at work *sob* I did get a voucher for a massage and pedicure for my birthday though . . . mmmmmm!

2. Gaye - 22 October 08

Ha! I remember certain someone have a week off-work recently.
Neither massage nor pedicure has been had by yours truly for aaaeeyjez! Jotted down in to-do list.
Been getting on the treadmill? huh huh?

3. Megan - 22 October 08

How interesting, to have half-days. I wouldn’t mind! And I wouldn’t mind a massage, either…

4. Gaye - 22 October 08

Megan, there are so many things I wouldn’t mind, the list is bottomless!
I think massage is a must as I have permanent knots along my shoulder blades which I have no doubt will shock the/any masseuse!

5. conortje - 22 October 08

One should never get used to divine food 😉

6. Gaye - 23 October 08

Conor, ah you are alive! I am so happy 🙂 *hug*

I don’t know, I mean after so many years of creating such delicious and divine food, you’d think I wouldn’t be amazing myself when I reproduce the results over and over again… hehe

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