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Blog Action Day 2008 15 October 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Humanity, World Affairs, Worthy Causes.
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I was reading Vanilla’s amazing post on this issue and it occured to me: although it is the majority of the world’s population who talk about, think about and would like to end the hunger, poverty, and unfavourable living conditions, it is the priviliged filthy rich few and those in power (did we elect them to do nothing about anything that truly matters?) who can make the real difference.

So how can we “encourage” these few and those in power to begin developing real strategies to eliminate world hunger, poverty?

In a world where capitalism rules by far, there isn’t a chance of doing anything truly meaningful and making a profound difference. That’s my belief, albeit quite negative.

At the end of the day, those who can don’t care, and those who care don’t react strongly enough to the lack of care by those who can… Vicious circle anyone?

The fact is, it is everybody’s duty of care in life to care for one another and the less fortunate. We all can do our little bit whether it be donating time, money, resources or simply making other people’s voices heard somehow. We have to hear them first though and be mindful that there are people in dire need of help. It is not enough to simply be thankful of what we have and not worry about so many with unmet emotional, social, physical and personal needs, most importantly the simplest and most fundamental needs like clean water, food, shelter.



1. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 16 October 08

It needs a fundamental mindshift, doesn’t it – otherwise it just keeps on, keeps on. Still, one has to try – rather go out saying “I tried” instead of knowing you did nothing. It’s about getting the energy moving in the right direction – it’s about the intent – that, at least, is where we can start.

2. Gaye - 16 October 08

Well said, maybe it can start with us, the majority, weeding out the bad politicians and vote for ones that promise of change…
Hint hint – Obama. And maybe it triggers something in every other country in the world? People demand, people get?
I don’t know.

3. bainbridge01 - 16 October 08

Gaye, I don’t think governments will do anything, particularly about Australian poverty, it’s all just pushed into the background. We even moved the ‘homeless’ out of Sydney during the Olympics because they were an eyesore and nobody cared other than the Salvos and the Smith family. It’s the charitable and Church organisations on the ground that are initiating fundamental change. Policymakers are hopeless.

4. Gaye - 16 October 08

Oh I didn’t know about the homeless swept out of Sydney thingo. And here I have been criticising the Chinese for doing that to their beggars and homeless. D’oh! It is such a shame 😦
I think you are right about charitable and Church organisations. There are a lot of people in non-profit organisations that care and try to make a difference.

5. Baino - 18 October 08

mmm . . why am I bainbridge01 I wonder? Ah, must have visited from my ‘private’ blog which is a WordPress jobby. Now you take it easy this weekend, have some fun!

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