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Ain’t no mountain… 15 October 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Inspirational.
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No More

Working way too much.

Worrying about bills.

Worrying about things that may or may not happen.

Avoiding mirrors.


Impulse spending.

Wasting time with what matter not.

Negative influences by negative people.

It’s Time To

Get back into the things I love doing. (more on that in another post)

Get stuck into the assignments and more studying.

Get back into reading.

Get back into the gym, the dojang, the hard-core training.

Get the muscles out of hybernating. (after a year and a bit of autumn and winter living)

Get back into being organised.

Get the selfish me back. (I just read about it in another blog by Red)

Get in touch with good old friends and good new ones.

Get what I want whenever I want.

Get my blogs happening.

Get into photography.

Get that savings account activated.

Get the point of life and living.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~That’s all, for the time being.

*walks away singing aloud*   Ain’t no mountain high enough…



1. Baino - 17 October 08

O dear, sounds like you’ve reached your peak! Don’t push yourself too hard now chicka . . life’s for living. (Says she about to head off for another day of panic at the office!) Weekend’s coming! Yayaya! *walks away singing Friday, thank god it’s F-r-i-day!*

2. Gaye - 17 October 08

LOL! “says she about to head off for another day of panic at the office”

Weekend is coming! YAAAAAAaaa.. oh wait a minute I am working this weekend… I’d join you in the song but…

Have a great weekend you!


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