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To Bite or Not To Bite 6 October 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Health, Politics.
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Dental health has been linked to overall health for a long time now. Serious health related consequences follow lack of proper dental care and health services. You will see an evidence of this from the logo that New South Wales Department of Health used on their website:

So you’d think, in Australia where government acknowledges the teeth and health are directly related, that dental health services would be covered by Medicare. Well, guess what? You have to have private insurance to pay SOME of your dental health expenses. Medicare doesn’t touch it.

Some say it’s the greedy dentists. Let’s face it, these people studied for most part of their lives to be able to look after our teeth properly, at some point in time they will want some material return. And we can’t blame them when CEO’s of insurance companies, managers of IT companies, THE players of stock exchange, Real Estate Agents and every other greedy bastard  on the planet wants to earn as much as they can and then some more. It is our government that needs to pull a finger out and do something about this issue. And we need to shift the blame from the dentists and put it on the Federal Government to do something about it.

This post has nothing to do with the fact that I need to go to the dentist with my mighty Medicare card which is completely useless at the dentist’s counter. No, nothing to do with that at all…

PS: On another note, I just listened to Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at DNC. He sounds wonderfully social democrat to me. Equal opportunities? Social welfare and services? Equal share of responsibility? Hmm, I don’t know what part of what he is promising is NOT a social democrat heaven.



1. Baino - 12 October 08

I have private health cover, but you’re right, it covers about a third of the cost of the dentist. I recently had some root canal done and it set me back about $300 in out of pockets, sometimes I wonder what I’m paying health cover for! Good luck with the reluctant trip! Try Painless Pete Palesey at Castle Hill, he’s good!

2. Gaye - 12 October 08

OH Thank you so much for the tip there, I have only recently found a hairdresser and a beautician locally so GP and dentist next (not in any kind of priority or urgency order). Do I look up Painless Pete Palesey really is that the business name he uses????????????
Hehe! Ouch about the root canal, I am hoping mine will be simple filling *fingers crossed*

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