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Matters of the Heart 2 October 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Fun, Heart, Life.

It looks something like this in real life:

When the real thing stops working, here’s a replacement:

So how and since when has the functional heart

become the proverbial ♥ romantic ♥ heart?

Heart shaped chocolate for Valentine’s – Boring!


heart of gold

heart of stone

wearing heart on one’s sleeve

with all one’s heart

have a heart

take heart…

Is this my geeky breaky heart?

I can’t believe I said that; I don’t even know that song! Really…

So many songs about the mess in which the heart finds itself frequently.

This one is my favourite:

Let me introduce to you The Heart Nebula!

Mine? Well mine has always been more than a bit of a puzzle…

But then again that’s the beauty of a beating heart isn’t it? 🙂



1. jazzmine - 9 September 10

suck my heart b!tchexxz

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