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Happenings #1 ~ Cheese Platter 19 September 08

Posted by Fantastic Four in Happenings.
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We love our cheese platters!

It’s almost a ritual, preparing each and every platter item; chopping, slicing, unwrapping, and then the presentation. I guess I have a bit of OCD in me.

I like my red wine with the nibblies. Last night the cheese list included gorgonzola, Danish blue, Turkish cheddar, Tasmanian brie. I don’t know if it’s the excessive cheese intake that does it, but usually after a cheese platter nibblies night or even a homemade pizza night, exchange and comparing of the weird dreams follow in the a.m.

The movie that accompanied our cheese platter was The Cottage. It had it’s moments of blood and gore along with some funny bits. Overall I can’t say I would recommend it, although I don’t really regret the money spent on renting or the time spent watching it either.



1. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 23 September 08

It’s the cheese, definitely the cheese. I remember experiencing weird dreams after cheese fondues – and my father always used to say he experienced the same thing. So… no more cheese at night!

2. Gaye - 23 September 08

Wu wu Vanilla! You are the first to comment on my new-old blog, well since I moved it here.
Cheese fondue.. mmmmmm.
No cheese or no weird dreams? Tough decision but one has to make it; I will have the cheese, thanks. What is your fav cheese?

3. Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) - 29 September 08

I’m lactose intolerant so I’m afraid most cheeses are out of bounds. I’m obliged to stick to cheddar, gruyere or emmanthaler. Though, if I could, I’d opt for Port Salut, Camembert or Boursin every time, with some Stilton tossed in for good measure.

4. gaye - 1 October 08

Ok you have just counted there 3 of my most favourite cheeses, Port Salut, Camembert and Stilton although I have developed a most profound liking – only to surpass others by far – to Roquefort during my time in Ireland. MmMmMmMm 🙂 I thought if you were lactose intolerant that would mean all cheeses apart from soy cheese a no-no. I am glad you can have some, regardless.

5. Megan - 6 October 08

I have the hardest time at my new supermarket because the ‘special cheese’ display is right by the self-checkout.

I did spend an unconscionable amount of money on some special irish cheddar yesterday.

It was worth it.

6. Gaye - 6 October 08

Hi Megan, welcome 🙂
Oh it’s so mean of them to put the special cheese display by the self-checkout.
Irish cheddar was nice while we lived in Dublin but as a bonus that the Irish cheese we found an abundance of amazing cheeses, so many other types from all over Europe. Since we returned to Australia we are having a bit of problem finding such great quality gourmet cheese. And the ones that make it here from France, Italy, etc are sooooooo expensive it’s not funny. Cheddar here is really nice I must say. The vintage, crumbly ones yummy!

7. Baino - 12 October 08

Hello. I’m an idiot, I thought you’d closed this blog so haven’t been following. I love sitting in the sunshine on a lazy sunday afternoon, glass in hand and a plate full of nibbly bits. We have a new Italian deli opened down the road, I could go broke!

8. Gaye - 12 October 08

No, you aren’t! When I moved it to here or rather, restarted it on wordpress I didn’t tell anyone. Peeps are slowly finding it from my comment sign ons. Is more fun this way because it is only a light fluffy blog, not even close to the calibre of the blogs I visit. So I don’t really want to embarrass myself anyways!!!!!
Nibbly bits will help me gain more weight if I am not careful, first I want to get in 100% shape I was in and feel like the Schnitz!

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