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Happenings #1 ~ Cheese Platter 19 September 08

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We love our cheese platters!

It’s almost a ritual, preparing each and every platter item; chopping, slicing, unwrapping, and then the presentation. I guess I have a bit of OCD in me.

I like my red wine with the nibblies. Last night the cheese list included gorgonzola, Danish blue, Turkish cheddar, Tasmanian brie. I don’t know if it’s the excessive cheese intake that does it, but usually after a cheese platter nibblies night or even a homemade pizza night, exchange and comparing of the weird dreams follow in the a.m.

The movie that accompanied our cheese platter was The Cottage. It had it’s moments of blood and gore along with some funny bits. Overall I can’t say I would recommend it, although I don’t really regret the money spent on renting or the time spent watching it either.


I Do Support Womankind 18 September 08

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Not this kind of woman, I don’t…

Please go have a readGrizzlyBay.org and what WWW has to say about it. Even if there was an unfair smear campaign against this… this… creature, spreading certain untruths about her; and even if a minute portion of it were true, then oh it is so scary!!

You know what I think? I think USA should give every non-American citizen the right to vote in their election. And 1 non-American vote can count as 0.005 vote each, as we – i.e. the rest of the world – are not greedy. Or depending on the population of the non-American country the vote exchange rate can be determined by looking at the Population of non-A country in relation to the Total Population of the World. The larger the country the smaller the vote, the smaller the country the more weight each vote would have in the voting process.

Everything that the US does has such adverse effects on everyone else living on the planet as well as the planet itself.

What say YOU (SA)?

Go Obama Go!

Love My New Job! But… 3 September 08

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… I wish it were a bit closer to home; like when I am translating and the distance I have to travel to work is about 14 paces, in my PJ’s! (Unless I use the laptop…)